What kind of property do I want?

Finding the right property for you is an important decision and we want to help.

When you sign a contract you are legally committing yourself to a fixed period in which you will be responsible for that property.

Take a look at this checklist of important things to consider:

  • Location: Is it well placed for work/studies/social life? Is it an area you would be happy in?
  • Condition: Are you happy with the condition inside and out? Are you happy with the décor style?
  • Facilities: Does it have all the facilities you need e.g. bath/shower, gas central heating/electric heating, outside space? Is the internet speed enough for you in that area?
  • Size: Is it big enough for you and your family? Will your furniture fit?
  • Price and Running Cost: Can you afford the rent as well as the other bills such as council tax, energy and water?

What Happens Next

  • 1. Viewing

    View the property virtually or in person and put in an application form – add as much information as possible so the landlord can make an informed decision. You will need to provide photo ID at this point.

  • 2. Referencing

    Once accepted we then go on to referencing. This confirms your credit score, your employment and income, any landlord references and you identity.

  • 3. Move In Date

    After referencing has passed, we then agree a date of move in with you and the landlord.

  • 4. Contracts

    Contracts will be drawn up which set out the rent, the deposit and the fixed term of the tenancy as well as the general rules and clauses that govern the tenancy. These will be signed by both parties.

  • 5. Documents

    Relevant documents will be sent – these include your EPC, How to Rent in England Guide, Deposit Information as well as relevant certificates such as gas and electrical safety. You will also get payment details.

  • 6. Keys

    Once rent and deposit is paid, you can then pick up your keys on the start date of the tenancy agreement within office hours.

  • 7. Inventory

    You will receive a copy of your photographic inventory digitally and will have 7 days to review, comment and sign this.

  • 8. Signing

    Your deposit will be protected and you will receive a certificate and prescribed information to review and sign.

The Deposit Process

  • 1. Deposit Paid

    The Deposit is paid to the agent and will not exceed 5 weeks rent

  • 2. Deposit Protection

    The Agent must protect the deposit within 30 days of receipt with a government approved scheme – at the moment Chamberlain uses The DPS. We send the money to the DPS under the custodial scheme.

  • 3. Sign Certificate

    Once protected, we will send the tenant a certificate, prescribed information and the terms and conditions. Tenants should read and sign this.

  • 4. Checkout Report

    At the end of the tenancy, a checkout report will be carried out and compared against the original inventory.

  • 5. Deposit

    Subject to fair wear and tear, the deposit will either be returned in full or deductions will be made based on quotes for remedial works where there has been damage, rent arrears or excessive wear and tear.

  • 6. Agreement

    If an agreement cannot be made for the deductions. The claim can be rejected and the DPS has an independent adjudication service who will consider evidence from both parties and make a fair and impartial decision, awarding the monies to the appropriate party.

Landlords Insurance

Contents Insurance with Let Alliance

Accidents can happen but they don't have to cost you your deposit.

We work with Let Alliance who are one of many companies who can supply a variety of insurances to protect you as a tenant. These can help with protect against accidental damage to the landlords' possessions as well as protecting all of your valuable items too. Check out the link below to get a bespoke quotation


Report a Repair

Our online maintenance platform, Fixflo, allows you to report issues in your property 24 hours a day.

The easy to use, online platform is available in a variety of languages and works across computers, tablets and phones. It allows you to report your problem in plenty of detail, even allowing for photos and videos to be uploaded and provides helpful advice if the problem can be easily solved yourself. When we receive the report, we can send it to the landlord and can then assign the most appropriate person to get your problem fixed.


Electronic Referencing and Contract Signing
Electronic Referencing and Contract Signing

Electronic Referencing and Contract Signing

Nobody likes paperwork! In a bid to reduce the amount of paper we use, we have invested in the latest technology to allow all contracts and referencing to be carried out digitally. This allows you plenty of time to read through things before adding your digital signature rather than rushing through it sat in an office. Once completed, everybody receives a fully signed, electronic copy for their records.


We want to make sure that tenants have the best possible experience when renting a property. There are lots of important things to know and consider during your tenancy and at the end when dealing with your deposit. We have put together some handy E-Guides to provide some top tips for your tenancy.


Tenant videos

Tenant videos

Renting a property doesn't have to be hard! Checkout our handy tenant videos which offer hints and tips on how to have a successful tenancy and get your deposit back at the end.

Tenant Videos

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